Context Relevant Content

Replace Guesswork with Job-Specific Instructions and Data Capture

NextHelm’s proprietary IoT solution organizes, categorizes and distributes digital content connecting all existing systems to a unified ecosystem, delivering content relevant information.

Now Field Technicians can visualize and interact in real time with team members, equipment and other ecosystems.

Unleash the Power of Industrial IoT

Our Totally Agnostic System Enables Big Data Analytics with Scalability and Superior Security

All existing systems are connected into a unified ecosystem. NextHelm’s proprietary solution is easily deployable, creating a single ecosystem for both structured and unstructured data.

By creating a single ecosystem and capturing task-level field data, Big Data analytics enable continuous improvement. Our highly secure, encrypted solution allows you to easily manage and control distribution with true peace of mind.

Efficient, Practical Deployment

NextHelm Customized Solutions Put Your Field Service Operations First.

  • A Total End-to-End Solution.
  • Customized to Your Needs.
  • Single Implementation Partner.
  • Value Delivered from Day One.
  • Typical Deployment in 45-60 days.