Industry & Applications Main

We develop customized solutions for Fortune 1000 companies’ and out of the box solutions for smaller organizations, making it a cost effective solution for any company size.

NextHelm focuses on the following industries:

  • Energy: Oil, Gas, Wind, Solar
  • Commercial and industrial facility management
  • Telecom & Utilities
  • Customized solution
  • Specific focus on field operations
Work Instruction Features User Benefits
Work Instruction Improve compliance, facilitate complex tasks
Lock Out Tag Out procedure Safety
Maintenance & Repairs  Access & collects context relevant data
Process Improvement  Track & ensures compliance
Field Audit  Speed up process, enrich data capture
Health & Safety reporting Reporting transparency and accuracy
Asset Management Improve preventive maintenance and uptime
Quality Assurance Reduces errors & omissions
Training & Development Increase retention speed and rate, deliver on the job training
Legal Compliance Provides Digital Audit Trails
Insurance Claims Improves Monitoring
Evidence Gathering Provide quickly and easely rich content