We develop customized solutions for Fortune 1000 companies’ and out of the box solutions for smaller organizations, making it a cost effective solution for any company size.

NextHelm focuses on the following industries:

  • Energy: Oil, Gas, Wind, Solar
  • Commercial and industrial facility management
  • Telecom & Utilities
  • Customized solution
  • Specific focus on field operations


Innovative Software Features

NextHelm Frontline provides a powerful and unique set of standard features and add-ons. No matter which capabilities are needed by your workforce to optimize their performance, they can easily be accessed either from the Frontline Server Portal or the Wearable.

Device Management

Management of all your different Wearables for workers made simple

User Management

Management of all your Ubimax Frontline users with a single console

Workforce Management

Communication with your frontline workforce from any place in real time

Reporting & Analytics

Monitoring of all work being executed by your frontline workers with simple tools

System Integration

Fast integration with your existing backend systems with minimal effort

Workflow Engine

Management of Ubimax Frontline work processes directly at the station

Output Rendering

Visualization of information always in line with your frontline workers needs

Input Recognition

Interaction with all Ubimax Frontline Wearables made simple

Live Video Calls

Communication between Ubimax Frontline users whenever needed

Image Recognition

Identification of your objects just by the power of sensors

Sensor Integration & IoT

Integration of Ubimax Frontline with your smart factory and IoT devices

Augmented Reality & Tracking

Visualization of AR content within your work processes made simple

Localization & Navigation

Navigation and positioning for your frontline worker to stay on track

Confirmation Technology

Selection of work step confirmation technologies that you need


Transformation of work activities into instant documentation with zero touch